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        One Stop Supply Chain Provider

        Full-line agrochemical prlducts portfolio

        In depth knowledge of market,suppliers,and raw materials

        Possibility of locking down pricing for medium term procurement

        Strong financial support

        Inventory management

        Punctuality in delivery

        Purchase and storage large quantities of agrochemical products

        Create any existing or new formulations mixes

        From concept to formation of introducing new molecules ,we take request from our marketing or agronomist professionals of our new potential product portfolio

        Close long term relationship with Rhodia and Huntsman for more than 15 years constantly developing unique ZSchem surfactants

        Our formulation plant produces over 200 different formulation and mixes

        Full registration support

        Over 40 professional members in our registration team

        We are following latest local and worldwide regulations

        We are one of the biggest clients for top GLP labs

        We supported over 500 registrations worldwide for our clients

        Quality control

        10 professional members in our department

        Personalized service for each individual order

        Office and Q&A equipment located in SH ensuring quality prior shipment


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